“A problem well-stated is half-solved.”

Most entrepreneurs get so engulfed in the details of the day to day they find it hard to look at their business as a whole. You’ll need to get a better process for identifying problems and making them go away forever or they will keep reappearing over and over.

• What are the limitations imposed by the problem?
• What are the possibilities that exist?
• What does a successful outcome looks like?
• Get out of your head and get clear

It’s not that you can’t see the solution,
it’s because you can’t see the problem.

When we only describe problems in our minds our imaginations tend to feedback distorted information about how things really are. Depending on your mood your over-enthusiasm can exaggerate the positives or we can distort the negatives with our concerns.
Writing it down allows the plan to become more factual, more accurate, realistic and logical. Once we understand things as they are and not as we think they are, we can see ways to make them better.